INCOIS PFZ information helps small fisherolk improve productivity

Case study 3

INCOIS PFZ information helps small fisherolk improve productivity
Age: 19
Type of boat: Fibre Reinforced Plastic Boat
Village: Veerampattinam
District: Puducherry

Erusappan is a young fisherman who hails from Veerampattinam, a fishing village from the Union Territory of Puducherry. He owns a fiber boat and sets sail regularly hoping for a better catch. He was selected by the Village Knowledge Centre in Veerampattinam as one of the pilot users of Fisher Friend Mobile Application. Erusappan was trained on how to use the application and access fisheries related livelihood information such as wave height, wind speed and direction, weather forecast, potential fishing zone, market information, and latest fisheries related news alerts and fisheries related government schemes.

He shares with us as to how he uses the services such as Wave height, Weather regularly before venturing into sea. He says that the prediction provided in the mobile is accurate and thus he refers to it regularly in the early hours of 3 AM in the morning before he ventures for fishing. Whenever rough conditions are predicted he does not venture out into the sea. Apart from the Ocean State Forecast and weather information, Erusappan also referred to the Potential Fishing Zone information provided through the Fisher Friend Mobile Application. Once he referred to the PFZ information and ventured to the part of the sea predicted to have a high probability of fish catch. Erusappan ventured towards the indicated location in his fiber boat and cast his net at the spot. That day alone he hauled a good catch and earned Rupees 2000 which was very significant compared to his usual haul.