Delivering certainity during uncertain times in fisher folks life

Case study 6

Delivering certainity during uncertain times in fisher folks life
Age: 21
Type of boat: Country boat - Vallam
Village: Pamban
District: Ramanathapuram

Shyam is a fisherman who hails from Pamban, a major fishing village in island of Rameshwaram, Tamilnadu. He lives with his father Simione, mother Vincent, three sisters and a brother. His family owns Vallam, a wooden fishing vessel similar in dimensions to a fiber boat. Shyam regularly ventures into sea along with his family members.

Shyam came to know about the Fisher Friend Mobile Application through his sister who once worked as a Knowledge Worker in the Village Knowledge Centre in Pamban. Shyam became interested in the application and had registered himself as a test user for the Fisher Friend Mobile Application program. He was trained on how to access fisheries related livelihood information such as wave height, wind speed and direction, weather forecast, potential fishing zone, market information, and latest fisheries related news alerts and fisheries related government schemes.

Once Shyam along with 50 other fisher folk camped in an area known as Atrankarai to venture into that part of the sea for fishing. Unfortunately for them indications of storm were evident and prevalent. The fishermen were not sure whether to venture into the sea or not. Shyam was able to receive constant updates on the prevalent conditions in sea. On that week alone nearly 25 fisher folk approached him seeking information on weather, wind speed and wave height information. No one ventured into the sea for that whole week. Shyam recalls that in those times of uncertainty the Fisher Friend Mobile Application proved to be very useful for him and the other fisher folk. He feels happy that he was provided with the opportunity to utilize the application and thanks M.S.Swaminathan Research Foundation for providing him with the opportunity.