Forecast information service helps prevent disaster at se

Case study 7

Forecast information service helps prevent disaster at se
X.A.Arun Seelan Raja 
Age: 52
Type of boat: Fibre Reinforced Plastic Boat
Village: Kovalam
District: Kanyakumari

Arun Seelan is a veteran fisherman who hails from Kovalam, a small fishing village in Kanyakumari district, Tamilnadu. He his 52 years old and has been engaged fishing for the past 32 years. He lives with his wife and three children. On an average he earns Rupees 5000 per month. He is highly aware of the Village Knowledge Centre and its functions in Kovalam. He acknowledges that several people in his village including women and children have been benefited by the services offered by the Village Knowledge Centre. Once he came across an announcement by the Village Knowledge Centre Knowledge worker Mesa and the local Parish priest regarding the Fisher Friend Mobile Application program. He was selected by the Village Knowledge Centre in Kovalam as a pilot test user after he expressed interest in the program. He was oriented on how to use the application and access fisheries related livelihood information such as wave height, wind speed and direction, weather forecast, potential fishing zone, market information, and latest fisheries related news alerts and fisheries related government schemes.

Everyday he used to see the information provided through the application such as the wave height, weather forecast, Potential Fishing Zone (PFZ), market prices and flash news. Though he held the mobile application with him for only 25 days he had accessed all the menus and information provided through the application. Once when going through the information in the application he came across the information which predicted very wind speeds of up to 64 Km per Hour. Arun Seelan and his team decided not to venture into the sea based on the information. As predicted, the day saw heavy rains with strong winds. At the same time Nagapattinam was hit by Cyclone Nisha. Before the warnings could be telecasted on television Arun Seelan was fully aware of the rough conditions on sea due to the Fisher Friend Mobile Application and even informed other fishermen regarding the conditions in the sea. He is happy about the timely information he received during the day and thanks M.S.Swaminathan Research Foundation and Tata teleservices for providing him with the service.