Resource materials

Diesel engine mechanism

Training and resource materials relating to maintainence and repair of Diesel engine used in small craft fishing vessels.

Fish Value added produce

Training and resource materials related to Fish Value Added produce and by products

Fisheries related government schemes

A collection of resource materials on various fisheries related government schemes and entitlements

Hygienic handing of fish

Training and awareness materials on Hygienic handling of fish and fish quality management

INCOIS services - awareness materials

Awareness materials related to Indian National Ocean Information Services and their information services to the community

INCOIS Services - Interpretation

A respository of modules aimed at training knowledge workers and social workers on how to interprest various INCOIS forecast services.

Marine conservation

A compendium of awareness and training materials on marine conservation and sustainable fishing practises

Mud crab breeding

Training materials related to mud crab breeding for coastal communities

Satellite navigation

A collection of training materials on various Global Positioning Systems

Sea safety and security

Training materials related to sea safety and security for fisher folk.

Tuna fishing

A collection of training modules, awareness materials covering the various aspects of modern Tuna fishing including modern techniques, quality control and preservation and various subsidy schemes